Scientific Inquiry. Policy Relevance. Responsible Solutions.

We search for efficient and responsible solutions to pressing socio-economic problems, to enable individuals to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Research Priorities

The quality of an individual’s life is, in part, related to their freedom and ability to make meaningful employment and business contributions and to participate in financial markets to ensure life-long financial security. The efficiency of financial markets and their effect on individuals and society, as well as the role of financial regulation, are topics of central importance to overall economic well-being.
The life-long opportunities and growth of an individual over all phases of the life cycle, including opportunities to accumulate quality education and enjoy positive health outcomes, are paramount to a life of meaning and contribution. As a result, health economics, education economics, and environmental economics and related topics in applied microeconomics are of interest to the Center.
The economic and legal frameworks of a society affect innovation and entrepreneurship. Likewise, innovation and entrepreneurship drive upward mobility and overall economic growth. This includes the evaluation of new financial instruments and products, dynamic labor market conditions, and evolving regulatory practices.
Business and government play distinct roles in the economy and in our lives. Understanding the role of voluntary exchange through market transactions, as well as the role of public action, are central to the design of responsible solutions to social and economic issues.